Enourmous Marshmallows

I wish that I had thought to take a picture at the time. My husband and I have just returned from a long weekend on Cape Cod with close friends. The dread of returning to non-vacation mode life is coming on strong, but I am thinking of enourmous marshmallows. The night before last we all went out to drinks in Hyannis and then returned to home base to toast marshallows over the gas grill while enjoying some summer beer games. These marshmallows were ginormous and powdery like you have never seen before. As the night went on the marshmallows resulted in some competitive mouth stuffing. To put the size of these marshmallows in to perspective, the competition ended at two.

Alright, time to take initiative and start the dreaded unpacking and laundry. And…to be honest…since this is my first official post, yes, it will most likely still be in this same spot this weekend.

PS Where is your favorite place to grab a lobster roll? These are a summer favorite for me. Had an awesome one on the cape at Osterville Fish Too.


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