It’s 4:15am, Wake Up!

The day started out with a lovely WebEx presentation at 5am this morning. For me, this is not conducive to a day of healthy eating, but I tried my best! Wednesday is typically known as my “double duty” day where I am supposed to start with an easy run in the morning and a strength workout in the evening. As you might expect only one of these happened today, but I did manage three miles on the treadmill, impressive for me since I HATE the treadmill and always prefer to run outside. It was just too hot out by the time I had a chance to run.

On to dinner, have you ever tried these?

They are “Spring Roll Skins”, super thin wraps made of rice flour, tapioca, water and salt, perfect for my gluten-free friends. I was first introduced to these a few weeks ago when a friend brought these for dinner for one of our church community group meetings. What is most impressive, is how much can be accommodated in each wrap and still fully contain anything you choose to include, unlike the typical lettuce wraps or tortillas.

Each package includes more than enough and you simply dip each wrap briefly into water and they are ready to be filled.

I kept it pretty simple for fillings, too tired to do a lot of prep work. Fillings were shredded lettuce, cilantro, shredded chicken and vermicelli noodles. Add some hoisin sauce and Sriracha sauce and you are done. These are also pretty tasty with a peanut sauce, but my husband, Ben, has an unfortunate allergy to peanuts so you won’t see much of those in my cooking.

Hopefully these photos give you somewhat of a taste of our dinner. One of my major weaknesses is taking decent photographs. Since I’ve never been talented in this area and frankly, rarely remember to take pictures, I have not invested in a proper camera. We will just have to see how this goes.

Any advice for the photography challenged?


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