Sunday Sustenance

So much awesome food today! Our good friends, Nate and Jaime came out to meet us and we started out with a delicious brunch at one of our favorite places, Russell House Tavern in Harvard Square. If you know me, you know that brunch is my most favored meal and Russell House always exceeds expectations!

I was boring and ordered the same exact meal as last time, because I love it, Champagne Squishee, The Benedict, and a St. Germain Cocktail. But we did all start out with the Daily Sticky Buns, blackberry, banana sticky buns with a fennel, apple slaw salad on top…

All agreed, AMAZING.

We did a little shopping and exploring and then stopped off at the roof deck at Daedalus for some refreshing summer beverages.

Sangria and Mango Margarita, these glasses were huge!

After Nate and Jaime headed home, I decided to blow off grocery shopping and cooking, and Ben and I decided to grab a slice or two of pizza and frozen yogurt for dinner. We made our way over to Stone Hearth Pizza for the first time. For my friends with Celiac, gluten-free crust here! We ordered a Margherita pizza. The plan was for us just to eat about half and then Ben could bring the rest for lunch at work.

This pizza was so delightful, perfect sauce, slices of fresh mozzarella and lots of basil. As you can see our original plan failed.

One more stop at berryline for some frozen yogurt and we are DONE! That was a good day.


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