Sometimes Bribery Works

Since I was a bit of a slacker last week when it came to my running plans and healthy eating, I decided I might need a little extra motivation to stick to my half marathon training plan. So not only am I sharing the plan here with all of you, but if all goes well I will treat myself to a pedicure on Monday! And if this plan fails, wearing open-toed shoes is going to get pretty embarrassing quickly.

So here it is, adapted from the Hal Higdon Half Marathon Intermediate Training Plan:

Half Marathon Training Week 1

  • Mon – Strength Training
  • Tues – Run 3 miles
  • Wed – Strength & 5×400 @ 5k pace
  • Thurs – Run 3 miles
  • Fri – Strength Training
  • Sat – Run 3 miles
  • Sun – Run 5 miles

Although you do not see it here, I do always take a rest day, but have realized that there is no need for me to “schedule” a day off as they seem to happen all their own (aka I hit snooze one too many times).

I normally try to do my workouts in the early morning. I am 100% a morning person with limited ability to stay up past 10pm at night. I also find that if I wait until later for my workouts I have miraculously developed 120 reasons as to why I should skip out on exercising that day.

Unfortunately I was a little behind with work so I went in much earlier than usual to get caught up before the day began. Also very unfortunate was the temperature of my apartment when I arrived home from work.

For those outside of New England, no, there is no central air in many apartments, we just have small window units in our bedroom and guestroom.

I think my bribe of a pedicure did the trick though and I talked myself into completing a brief strength training workout DVD from one of my favorites,Jillian Michaels, Ripped in 30. With phrases like “No one ever said this was going to be easy” and “You are not going to die from this, it’s just 30 seconds” how can you not be motivated! I am a DVD fan for my strength workouts, ideally, I would love to have a personal trainer, but that is just not in the budget so this is the next best thing for me.

Ben had dinner plans so I decided dinner for me would not be warm/involve cooking, and had some greek yogurt with a peach and chia seeds. I also made this Banana Soft Serve for the first time and added some peanut butter chips. Delicious!

What do you eat for dinner when it’s too hot to cook?



4 thoughts on “Sometimes Bribery Works

  1. I recently heard about the banana soft serve from a friend. It sounds wonderful! I might be expecting some when I come to visit…

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