In the Kitchen

Warning, this will probably not be the only time you hear me mention this cookbook.

I hope you already have this one, but if not go out and get it! Melissa Clark is the writer of “A Good Appetite” in the New York Times Dining Section. Although I already wanted to make the majority of these recipes immediately after glancing through the pages; every recipe is accompanied with a story or memory from Melissa, enhancing the cooking experience even further.

Tonight, I made the Steamed Wild Salmon with Mustard Greens, Soy Sauce & Ginger with one adjustment to use Collard Greens instead of the Mustard. We ate this over white rice and enjoyed every last bit. There would have been a photo here had I done a better job of taking the picture, but thought it would be better to leave out something that would not do this dish justice. As I have said before, photography = not one of my gifts.

We ended the meal with some Black Raspberries from our farm share.

On that note, this is the first year that we signed up for a CSA and I am loving it! I look forward to picking up my share provided by Enterprise Farm every Wednesday. My pickup location also happens to be Kickass Cupcakes in Somerville. I have successfully made it through a pickup without purchasing a cupcake about 25% of the time (and let’s be honest, that’s because I force myself to leave my wallet in the car). They never disappoint with their creative and delectable flavors so it is hard to ignore the cupcakes existence when I walk in.

So back to the vegetables! My share this week included basil, cucumbers, lettuces, green beans and best of all these beautiful summer squash.

I’m thinking there will be some grilling involved with these, but does anyone have any better suggestions? 


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