Miette: Part Un

Friday started with another Jillian Michael’s video so I am still on target! My sister bought this one for me a couple of years ago. Although it has gotten a little easier over time, it’s still a tough one. Other half of Oats in a Bowl for breakfast and then a Summer Friday work day.

I had a few things to get done before going to CT for my mom’s birthday the next day so I hurried to try to make the base of her birthday cake in the afternoon before preparing dinner. I had purchased Miette’s new cookbook recently. I have never been to Miette (well-known pastry shop in San Francisco), but had heard about it and my sweet tooth demanded I buy this cookbook.

Isn’t it cute? I love the scalloped edges of the pages too.

I decided, since I wanted to make a cake for my mom’s birthday, I would attempt one from Miette. Let me tell you, I found these recipes to be a little intimidating. As I’ve mentioned, I am quite the recipe follower, but these are meticulous. I opted to make the Butter Cake as the base and would make a Raspberry Buttercream frosting the next morning before leaving for CT.

So, the cake ended up being a little easier than anticipated. Phew…

And a glass of rose, since it is Friday!

Done…now time for dinner. Ben and I were trying to eat a quick dinner at home before heading off to see Horrible Bosses at the Somerville Theatre.

I had an unexpected bunch of basil in my farm share this week so I decided pesto would be the perfect quick dinner. As always, my favorite pesto recipe is from my friend Amanda. I am always asking Amanda for her recipes as she is an awesome cook. She actually made this for my birthday one year, filled with her recipes!

So, I don’t know that pesto photographs all that well, but here it is.


The movie was hilarious. We weren’t sure what to expect, but knew we had to see it given the cast. Awesome.

And last for the night, JP Licks. Bailey’s Chocolate Chip Cheesecake to be exact. SO good. Perfect end to the evening.


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