Miette: Part Deux

Woke up bright and early Saturday to accomplish my three-mile run and Raspberry Buttercream before picking up Ben from softball and heading to CT for the day. I decided to make this an easy, relaxing run. I noticed I had been clenching my jaw/grinding my teeth a bit this week which drives me nuts and according to my dentist is what causes gum issues for me (does anyone else think that’s weird?) so I was really trying to focus on de-stressing.

Well, apparently I did that so well that I took a wrong turn and might just have extended my run to four miles. Those that know me, you aren’t surprised. I have ZERO sense of direction. The first birthday gift my husband bought for me when we were dating was a GPS. Probably the most well used gift anyone has ever gotten me. Thankfully, this time I recognized where I had made my error and made it back easily. (yes, there have been countless other running errors, where the way back was not quite as clear!).

After getting back home, I immediately threw myself into making Miette’s Raspberry Buttercream. I wish I could have taken a picture of my work, but if there is ever a recipe that you cannot multi-task and step away for a moment, it is this one. It involves making raspberry sauce to add in to their Vanilla Buttercream recipe, making a candy-like, sugar/water mixture on the stove, while beating egg whites to a soft peak. It is absolutely necessary to have a stand mixer for this recipe and mine got a workout today. Once the sugar syrup had reached the correct temperature it is mixed in with the egg whites for a while before adding the butter. When the egg white mixture has lowered back down to room temperature, one painstaking tablespoon of butter is added by tablespoon, until each individual one is fully incorporated, out of, well, let’s just say a lot of butter.

Some of the helpful tips on the side of the recipe say that your mixture may curdle or start to deflate and if that happens, to raise the mixing speed. No curdling, but definite deflating. For awhile the egg white mixture was not getting back on track so I was starting to get disappointed, when finally, I glanced away for literally one second and pouf! Perfection!

I was just a little excited! There is a note from the author that says “bury me in buttercream”. I laughed at that, but now I understand, this was one of the best things I had ever tasted!!! Definitely worth the hard work.

The book said the buttercream could be used immediately, refrigerated or frozen at this point. Since we would be driving down to CT with it in our cooler I opted for the fridge.

Once down in CT, I made us some pasta and garlic bread for lunch. The recipe calls for breaking up canned whole peeled tomatoes with your hands and you are correct in thinking that I ended up with a tomato covered t-shirt.

And then it was time for cake. I was so excited to frost it and mix in the raspberry sauce and I just may have built it up a bit.

So…the story does not end quite as planned. I still can’t figure out what happened since the book explicitly says you can refrigerate the buttercream, I’m guessing I was a little impatient in allowing it to reach room temperature, the buttercream had become more solid than desired. I tried using a handheld mixer to bring it back to life, but this ended up making things much worse (including my t-shirt). In the end, I still used it and it still tasted good, but my intended cute little six-inch cake was not to be. I feel comfortable showing you a picture of this side once we took our slices, but that’s about it.

After dessert and gift opening, Ben and I drove back to Somerville. We decided to skip out on cooking and visited one of our local places, Rafiki Bistro, particularly since they were advertising $3.75 drafts. I went with a Rapscallion Honey and Ben, the Dogfish 60 Minute IPA. I am pretty boring with my menu selection here as I almost always order the Lentil Burger and Sweet Potato Fries, but I love them! Ben tried something new this time, the Maple Turkey Burger and he thoroughly enjoyed.

We were both pretty tired so headed home to complete a low-key Saturday night. How was your Saturday?


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