Shades of Pink

Yesterday we met up with our friends Ian and Mary for a fun day and night out in Boston and Cambridge. We started with checking out the newly improved Rock Bottom Brewery downtown. I wasn’t in much of a beer mood so I went with a red wine sangria.

Okay, so full disclosure, I had spotted someone next to us drinking it and saw that there were not one, but two maraschino cherries in the drink and I was sold. Anything with cherries, I LOVE.

After enjoying some beverages, snacks and AC at Rock Bottom we hopped on the T over to Harvard Square. Sometimes you see some fun people on the T.

Brief stop at  Falafel Corner for some dinner.

You might notice a few familiar places throughout the rest of this post, what can I say, I’m a creature of habit.

Before returning to my favorite place, we made a quick stop at Urban Outfitters. Mary’s sandal broke on our walk over so obviously thought it best that she had some shoes to wear!

Aren’t they cute?

You guessed it, back to  Russell House Tavern. Mary ordered the British Bee, Ben and Ian went with beers, Victory Golden Monkey and the 21st Amendment IPA.

I had this glass of rosé that I wish I had thought to note the details, it was excellent! I am always enthralled by whatever drink selection I make at Russell House.

I had to take a picture to capture the color.

Mary decided to join me with her next beverage.

Mary & Ian

Angry Ben included

He was a little over the picture-taking.

But then he ordered the Sun Rays Illuminate Smoke Filled Haze and I’m pretty sure this made his evening.

A little intense for my taste, but unbelievable for any cocktail enthusiast.

What was next? Oh, how did you know?

At least I got a picture for you this time!

Perfect end to a superb summer evening. We parted ways here with Mary and Ian and decided to take the walk home.

One more picture, we came across this cat walking home. Friendliest cat in the world! As Ben stated perfectly, a cat “with a dog’s soul”.

I told Ben that if this cat happens to show up at our door tomorrow it was simply meant to be! I’ll keep you posted!



4 thoughts on “Shades of Pink

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    • It was a fun weekend, but bummed we didn’t get to see you! Next weekend for sure (as long as you are around). 🙂

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