Slacker Sunday

Well, this really should be called Slacker Sunday AND Saturday. Sometimes I can be such a baby about running. I didn’t run Saturday and I was supposed to run my longer run Sunday morning, 6 miles. I was looking forward to the lower temperatures and set my alarm bright and early. Well, it was already 80 degrees and I just wasn’t feeling it so the rationalization began. I decided to bargain with myself for 3 miles on Sunday switching with Tuesday’s work out where I will now be running 6. Let’s hope that happens.

Since the “bargaining” took quite awhile I ended up being very rushed to get ready for church after my 3 miles, so it was hurry, hurry, and then out the door. Ben and I attend Citylife Presbyterian Church downtown. We had lunch with our favorite community group friends and then left to begin the afternoon of errands, some work, cleaning and later on dinner with friends.

Ben needed to pick up a couple of softball items so we took a trip to Target and I filled our cart with all our household needs. Most important of all was the replenishment of gum.

Yes, this gum is all MINE. If you know me, you know that at all times I have approximately three different flavors of gum in my purse. I am a gum addict. I try really hard to put mostly whole foods in my body and avoid nasty preservatives and chemicals that I don’t understand, but gum is the exception. I just try not to think about it. Gum chewing also seems to help keep me from clenching my jaw all day long so I really think it has more postives than negatives (I hope!). Does anyone else out there have a gum habit like mine? Please come forward if you do!

After some fridge cleaning that was long overdue and catching up on work and finances it was time to prepare the lunches and start to make dinner. Our good friends Joey and Anna were coming over to eat with us so we were very excited. Joey lives across the street from us and will join us for dinner sometimes, but we rarely get to see his girlfriend Anna since she was in DC for the summer and is in med school! I wish that all our friends lived on the same street as where we live, don’t you?

For dinner, I made Capellini with Fresh Ricotta, Roasted Garlic, Corn & Herbs from Bon Appetit. I don’t know how I forgot how much I love this recipe, but it is definitely an excellent summer meal. My only adjustment was to increase the capellini to a full pound and we found there is still plenty of flavor.

On the side we had some homemade garlic bread. I am really overdue to talk about my bread making so I plan to devote a post to bread sometime this week.

You would think I would be mortified to admit this due to the past few days, but I am comitted to an honest blog, so here goes, this is NOT where the meal ended. We just might have taken a trip over to Berryline for dessert. Oreo frozen yogurt with toffee topping. Let’s see, that’s Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, and now Sunday for frozen yogurt. Four times! Well, at least it wasn’t every night, right? I did tell you about my need to work on my balanced approach.

Hope you had as fun a weekend as I did! Anyone else out there join in my frozen yogurt obsession?


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