Not the Best Day

I am thankful for the fact, that despite the late night at Fenway, I managed to get up early and fit in a quick Jillian Michaels strength workout. I was exhausted, but working out as opposed to sleeping in is almost always the best choice for me to keep my energy level up for the day. And believe me, it was needed today!

Just not the best day ever, but sometimes I might need a reminder that it is not always about me.

I hadn’t really planned anything special and wasn’t really feeling like cooking so Ben and I grabbed dinner out at Lord Hobo in Cambridge. They have an awesome beer list, I went with wine tonight, but this is probably the only time I have ordered something other than beer for my beverage of choice.

It was a comfort food night for sure. I wish I didn’t immediately crave comfort food after a bad day, but the simple fact is I do. Someday I will learn not to seek food for this reason, but I am a work in progress.

I almost forgot to take a picture, just in time. Believe it or not, this is an appetizer, but more than enough for a meal! Roasted Red Pepper Bisque with Grilled Cheese on Rye.

Finished with a glass of Sparkling Rosé.

I know, weird combo, but sometimes I crave the bubbles. Off to an early bedtime, another early day at work and I am going to need that speed workout beforehand!


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