My Latest “Healthy” Dessert

In case you have not gathered this from my previous posts or the four times I ate frozen yogurt last week, I wanted to let you know that I crave something sweet ALL THE TIME. I crave dessert after breakfast, after lunch, after dinner and probably just about anytime in-between. Lucky for me, my husband does not have a sweet tooth at all and so I don’t have to deal with the constant issue of having sweets that I should not eat in my apartment all the time. Of course, that doesn’t exactly keep me from purchasing them on my own.

Since I realize I’ve got to draw the line somewhere, I try to ignore the desire for a dessert after breakfast, but come up with something with some sweetness for after my daily salad at lunch and after dinner. Well this week I discovered my latest summer favorite. I’ve always heard that this is a good combination, but just never gave it a try until now.

A couple of tablespoons of whole milk ricotta (the fresher the better), one chopped up peach, and a teaspoon of honey. Voilà!

 So this is where I would have put a picture if the photo I took hadn’t come out looking disgusting and not appetizing at all, but this healthy dessert is a delight, trust me!
For dinner, I’ll normally try to keep my dessert to some sorbet, a glass of wine, frozen yogurt or something different like Banana Soft Serve. Note the word try. When I’m not so successful in trying I’ll purchase a Kickass Cupcake when I pick up my farm share (like last night, a limited flavor, Fluffer Nutter, my new favorite!) or like I’m planning for tonight, a trip to

JP Licks. Clearly, my sweet tooth has taken over yet again.
Do you have any favorite “healthy” desserts??



6 thoughts on “My Latest “Healthy” Dessert

  1. I am also a dessert person…but lately I’ve been trying to eat fresh fruit and frozen yogurt (I think I definitely share your obsession with fro yo or any dessert of the sort!) 🙂

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