For the Love of Bread

This morning has started out pretty productive. I woke up bright and early, ready to run. It was a quick run day, ran my three miles and then came back to do a brief strength workout, as always with Jillian Michaels. My latest strength training approach is to switch back and forth between Jillian Michaels – 30 Day Shred and her Ripped in 30 workouts every week and progress through the different levels for the next month. They are really quick workouts so they are reasonable to do 3 or 4 times a week. So enough about my workouts, let’s move on to the real reason for this post.

I’ve been promising to talk about bread for a while so here goes. A few months ago I was starting out my goal to eat more whole foods, less processed and wherever I can homemade. I’ve always loved making bread, but it had been quite some time since I had and it’s just so hard because of the amount of time you need to put into it or at least make sure you are at home. At least in the summer, I don’t spend much time at home on the weekends (now the winter in Boston, that’s a whole other story).

I recently came across and bought these two cookbooks.





They are awesome! I really thought these would be another cheesy, semi-homemade situation that in the end wouldn’t really be that easy or fast. Jeff Hertzberg and Zoë François have really changed the way you approach making bread. You can learn more about them here.

If you have made bread before you know there is the arduous mixing and kneading, then the hours of waiting for your dough to rise. Now, in full disclosure there are some rising times here, but they seem shorter to me and there is no kneading! Literally zero. Basically, for most of these recipes, you mix together your yeast, water, flours etc. just until the dough comes together and then let the batch rise for about two hours. Also, important to note, the batches you are making are typically enough for four loaves. AND, if you have a Kitchen Aid stand mixer, all the more easier. Just use the dough hook throw everything in the bowl and let it go for maybe two minutes.

After the rising time you basically throw the dough in a large tupperware container and can keep it in the refrigerator and use a little at a time or all of it at the same time. It lasts for around 10-15 days depending on the recipe you are making. When you are ready to bake, the dough normally just takes another 20-30 minutes to “rest” and then is ready for the oven. It’s amazing!

I have made baguettes, pizza dough, whole wheat, both with and without flaxseed, gluten-free and regular brioche, almond boule and more. As you know, I have my Sunday schedule so I will normally try to throw together some dough while I am chopping up my salads for the week. I totally encourage you to check out these cookbooks, I promise these recipes are super easy! And something I do to judge the cost worthiness (although you know about the plethora of cookbooks I own), is to request a cookbook at my local library online, pick it up and try out a recipe or too before I purchase.

So what do you think? Will you try some bread making too?



2 thoughts on “For the Love of Bread

  1. I have made Zucchini bread twice this week, but I’m sure that doesn’t count! 🙂 You HAVE inspired me to start doing the Jillian Michael’s workouts again…they are a fast and great workout!

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