Jean is Here!

My sister Jean flew in today to spend some quality time in New England. She is staying with us for the night and then heading down to Connecticut to visit my family and will be back up to spend some more time with us after that. Hurray!

After picking Jean up at the airport we took a brief detour over to BerryLine. To be specific, I had texted Jean in advance that she should tell Ben that she is craving Pinkberry. Unfortunately she started out the request with “Jessie says” so he knew who was really asking for the frozen yogurt. 🙂 (Yes, my family calls me Jessie and no, you cannot call me that). Today’s flavors were Original, Creamsicle and Coconut, yum! I had Creamsicle with a Fruity Pebbles topping.

For dinner, I made a very simple and summery pasta, Penne with Herbed Ricotta from Gourmet magazine. If you click on the recipe, you won’t see the best reviews, but I always find this surprising. I think the key is using a quality whole milk ricotta such as the one below from Maplebrook Farms in Vermont (if you are in the Boston area, Whole Foods carries this one).

Basically, the recipe is a whole bunch of fresh herbs, thyme, parsley, chives and from me heavy on the basil. I love fresh herbs, don’t you?

Add some whole milk ricotta cheese, olive oil, salt and pepper and mix in the penne and you are all set.

Here’s Jean enjoying the pasta!

Ahem, you might notice that Ben is NOT pictured here enjoying his pasta. That’s because he has been letting me know all week that he would most definitely be enjoying a KFC Sunday bucket.

And he DID!

Time to do some laundry, ugh. Hope you had a fun weekend!




4 thoughts on “Jean is Here!

  1. Gross Ben, gross! On the other hand, your recipe sounds like something Joe would absolutely love so I might just have to go ahead and make that. And I’m definitely going to have to try to find me some creamsicle pinkberry once I can have dairy in my life again; much like lemony things, I’m a sucker for all things creamsicle! And a shout out to Jean!

    • Agreed, although I have to admit that I took a bite of the chicken, enjoying a little high school nostalgia of taking the subaru out to the KFC in Danbury!

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