Family Fun

My Sunday started out with a rainy 7 mile run. I think the rain actually helped me stay cooler, because I felt pretty good during this run and managed to finish a little faster than expected. Since it was potentially stormy I combined a bunch of my close by neighborhood runs to finish the 7 rather than my usual Charles River run. This might have also helped me break it up a bit (in my mind anyway).

My aunt, uncle and one of my cousins from California happened to be visiting Boston at the same time Jean is in town. We haven’t all seen each other in a long time so it was really fun to catch up and sit down to a delicious brunch together.

There are so many brunch places to choose from just in the Somerville/Cambridge area alone, and we decided to meet up at one of our favorites in Somerville, Highland Kitchen. This place is always packed for brunch. Ben and I both ordered the Grilled Ham, Cheddar, Tomato and Fried Egg on Sourdough. SO good and exactly what I needed after that run.

Yes, although it is a sandwich, the egg is always on the outside. This way the yolk is able to run over all of the bread. Good thinking Highland Kitchen!

Every time I go here I am reminded of my spelling failure. Once a month Highland Kitchen puts on a spelling bee open to any that dare. My friend Kristina really wanted to check it out so Ben and I agreed (although I have to admit, I was a little nervous). Kristina did pretty well and made it through a few rounds. Me, however, not so much. I was done on the first round. Embarrassing. The word was “gibbous”. Have you ever heard of that word? I have not, normally I don’t come across words that I just haven’t heard of so I was totally thrown and spelled it g-i-b-b-u-s. Not too far off, right? Oh well.

Later that afternoon I dragged Jean on a few errands and grocery shopping. Yes, even with a guest in town I manage to pull off my Sunday routines. What can I say? I am absolutely type A.

For dinner I threw together some fish tacos. Pretty similar to last time, but I followed this recipe.

Oops, forgot to take a picture before I took a few bites!

Light and refreshing summer meal. Finished with some watermelon and beer.

Alright, I literally keep falling asleep as I’m typing this post so time to go to bed!

Okay, one question, when is the last time you were in a spelling bee? If you lost, which word got you? AND have you ever heard of the word gibbous?



6 thoughts on “Family Fun

  1. Ummm….never and sadly no. Up until college I spelled “awesome”, “awsome” and then in the past few years realized I’ve always been spelling “definitely” wrong. Good thing b/c my anxiety would definitely get the best of me in a spelling bee!!

    • Ha ha! If it makes you feel better, I can still to this day remember being in one in fourth grade, in the final group and then spelling the word “lying” wrong on purpose just to get off the stage because I was so nervous!

  2. Oh yeah, and I will now go look up the word “gibbous” because if your parents were like mine, they never gave you the definition of the word when you asked but instead made you look it up. And yes, I thoroughly enjoyed doing that to the kids when I worked in the school!

  3. Started full on laughing when I read about the spelling bee. That was a fun time!! I would have dragged Alastair to one but it doesn’t look like we’ll be there for the first Tuesday of Sept. (Alastair called it an utter disaster). I’ll always remember ululation now.

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