Roof Top Pool Time

On Tuesday we were expecting some beautiful weather in Boston so Jean and I planned a trip to the Colonnade Hotel in Boston. Ever since reading about their roof top pool I have dreamed of paying a visit. Sadly, the pool is only open to non-hotel guests (for a fee) during the week so I had to wait quite awhile, but Tuesday was the day!

Some might say the fee is ridiculous, but although I agree it is high, this was one of the more relaxing days I’ve had all year. We were delighted to sit on comfy lounge chairs surrounded by the city, but without the stress of the city noises below. Also doesn’t hurt to have a couple of frozen drinks readily available to you.

Here’s my view, as usual my photo does not do the view justice.

Drink #1 (Mango something or other)

Brief sun break for a yummy lunch!

Drink #2 Pina Coladas!

Jean pretending to beat me in the finish of the pina colada, obviously I won 🙂

After our pool time we made a few brief Boston stops for some shopping and then headed home. For dinner I took our many farm share veggies and had Ben throw them on the grill, summer squash, zucchini, eggplant and onions. I cooked some orzo and then made Mmmm Sauce from peas and thank you for flavor. I had read quite a bit about this sauce from the various blogs I read regularly. It was delicious and now I have some leftover to add flavor to another dinner this week.

Both Ben and I have concluded (well Ben knew all along) that neither of us likes eggplant. Is that okay? It bugs me when I don’t like a food, I don’t know why, but I like to “like” everything I guess. My list of dislikes is pretty small, shrimp (totally texture), mushrooms (texture AND taste yuck, but eating them raw is growing on me) and now eggplant (texture and lack of taste maybe?).

What are your food dislikes? Anyone out there that can give me a convincing argument to like eggplant? 

PS Anyone want this eggplant that arrived in my farm share this week? It is pretty, maybe I’ll just keep it for decor.




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