Night In

After a really busy week Ben and I were happy to spend the night in. You might wonder how I could have had a busy week with one day of work, but really, it was busy!

When it’s the off-season for the shows we like to watch, Ben and I tend to watch a new series through Netflix and it’s perfect for a Friday night in. In the past we’ve done that with The Sopranos (I had never seen it at the time), Fringe and now we are watching Breaking Bad. Of course, we can’t forget our continued perusal of Twin Peaks with Ian and Mary.

For dinner, I recreated my Mexican Turkey Burgers and tried a new black bean salad from Heidi Swanson’s Super Natural Every Day. As I always find with her recipes this was simple and delicious, black beans, pepitas, feta, lemon and roasted cherry tomatoes.

Enjoyed with a nice frosty mug of seltzer.

Have I mentioned my obsession with seltzer? I’m a little bit in love with my Sodastream.

Finished with some special chocolates from my friend Tia.

I started out with two, but so far progressed to three chocolates, time to hide these in my kitchen drawer again!

What are you doing tonight? Do you sometimes just enjoy a Friday night in like me?


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