Healthy Eating – FAIL

Follow Training Schedule – FAIL (okay, partial fail, I did complete my eight miles today)

Remember how I asked if we could start over for the week? Remember how I explained one of the reasons why I started this blog? Perfect example this week. Although it’s not like I didn’t enjoy my eating splurges, but I need to be able to focus and shift my thinking for the week ahead without dwelling too long on my errors in judgment.

Okay, enough confessions. It was a fun weekend. Saturday morning Ben and I met our friends Mike and Becca for breakfast sandwiches at Panificio and to pick up the best golden retriever ever, Bodhi. We were watching Bodhi for the weekend. I love this dog!

We love the opportunity to watch him so we can pretend we have a dog for a weekend. 🙂

After breakfast, Ben was playing in a softball game so Bodhi and I watched and then we all found a spot on the commons for a little bit of reading time.

Look, we happened to sit in front of Ben’s tree!

Shortly after Ben received a call from his friend Bosch that happened to be heading down to Boston and wanted to meet up.

By the time we met Bosch back at our place and headed out to eat it was about a 4pm lunch time, more like dinner (or so you would think). We grabbed “lunch” and beers at  Cambridge Common. As usual I had my something sweet craving and we ran across the street for Berryline. I went for something a little more unusual, rose flavored fro yo with oreo cookie topping. I know, weird, but good.

The problem with having a 9:30am breakfast and then nothing until a 4pm lunch/dinner is that you really have to eat a second dinner. By 9pm, me, Ben and Bosch were pretty hungry. I also rationalized that I would need some food in my stomach to do those eight miles in the morning. Next stop,Upper Crust in Harvard Square for some of my favorite pizza.

Ben and his friends really like being on my blog.

Pizza, yum!

Oh, what’s that? Oh, you want to know what I had for my sweet tooth. Well, since you asked, yes, correct, a SECOND trip for frozen yogurt. This time to Pinkberry. Ummm, yeah, not much more to be said about that decision. And on to Sunday…

Today, Ben, Bodhi and I went for a walk to Kickass Cupcakes. I was a little excited to get Bodhi a “pupcake”. Here it is, so cute!



Gone, in a single chomp, about 0.1 seconds after this photo was taken.

For dinner, I finally remembered to make some corn chowder. I had been thinking about corn chowder every week since corn has been in season in New England and every week have forgotten.

I usually go with Martha Stewart’s Corn Chowder. Although the broth is not thick like a chowder normally is, I like that her recipe doesn’t use cream. I’m not saying this recipe is by any means healthy, but makes me feel a little better!

On that note, I’m going to try something different this week. Instead of just showing you the things I make for dinner or where I go out to eat, I’ll try to keep up a daily list of my food selections throughout the day. Hoping this will help me get back on track! Wish me luck!



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