Sorry I have been MIA, but we had a super fun weekend for our friend’s Brian and Hillary’s wedding! Ben and I are driving through the Berkshires back to Boston as I write after an awesome long weekend with lots of friends and celebrations.

Our fun-filled weekend began on Friday, after a pathetic show from me for my long run (aka run/walk), but at least it was behind me. We drove down to Jersey City so Ben could head in to NYC to meet up with friends for Brian’s bachelor party. And I got to spend some quality time with the adorable and snuggly Millie (Amelia), my friend’s Courtney and Aaron’s new baby girl. I am always so bummed that I miss out on the early weeks/months of my friend’s babies that don’t live nearby, so I was beyond thrilled to have the opportunity to meet baby Millie at just two and a half weeks! Isn’t she so precious?

I always love being able to visit with Courtney and Aaron. Courtney and I grew up together and we don’t get to see each other nearly as often as we would like, so I’m always so excited when we can all hang out. 

Clearly I did not participate in the bachelor party, but thought I would share a few of the pics that Ben had texted me during from their dinner plans. The party started at Peter Luger’s, a well-known steakhouse in Brooklyn. According to Ben there are no menus passed, just a headcount and what you want for sides.

Look at these portions!

Yes, that last one is bacon, believe it or not.

This is SO not the place for me to eat. Ben and all his friends obviously loved it, but I’m pretty sure I might have been sick had I seen the amount of meat they all consumed. I am more of a fish and veggies eater myself, but for any that love steak this is the place to be. Ben said all other steak houses he dines at in the future, will be compared to this one and he will likely need to keep expectations low.

The next morning Ben and I hopped in the car and drove up to Hunter, NY where the wedding celebration was held. First on the agenda was a little wedding 5k. Since Ben was one of the groomsmen his participation was required, but we had stopped for a fast food lunch on the way up so I decided to pass.

I took pictures instead.

Picture perfect. The groomsmen and participating guests were all a bit late after having to drive from NYC so there was a second “heat” of the 5k, here they are, ready to go!

It looked like a pretty run and there were medals made for the special event which I thought was really cute!

Next up, we checked in at the hotels and got ready for the rehearsal dinner. I quickly learned why Ben had selected Hunter Inn as the location for most of our friends to stay, there was a video arcade downstairs. No fitness center, but plenty of video games and a bar open every evening. Goes without saying that the guys thoroughly enjoyed this.

Rehearsal dinner was at Tuscan Grille, in Tannersville, NY. I failed to take many pictures, but enjoyed a lobster dinner and way too much white wine and sweets. The evening ended with some time at the Hunter Inn bar and shortly afterwards a transition to the video arcade, which meant I transitioned to bed! Have I mentioned I am so not a night person? I just get so sleepy.

A nice offering at the Hunter Inn is a breakfast buffet every morning from 8-10am. This is not just your continental breakfast or a buffet with slim pickings, there was actually all sorts of juices, cereals, yogurt, granola, and pancakes, bacon and eggs. Pretty decent!

I enjoyed a nice helping of the pancakes, bacon and eggs. After breakfast, the boys went off to play whiffle ball and I was happy to have some more time to lay around and do nothing for a bit. I did manage to get out and do a 3 mile run. I noticed it was probably the first run recently where I actually felt good and enjoyed it. Running has felt a bit burdensome and so hard the past couple of weeks so I was happy to enjoy this moment. I know running isn’t supposed to be easy, but I’ve just been in a running funk lately. Maybe Sunday’s run was the end of my funk? Thinking positive for the week ahead!

I really did an impressive job of forgetting to take pictures for the remainder of the weekend, but I caught this shot of the groom all ready to go.  He looked great!

All were a little worried that rain might put a damper on the planned outdoor ceremony, but thankfully the rain held off until we were indoors for the reception. The location was amazing, right in the mountains.

I am bummed that I didn’t get any close pictures of Hillary, but she looked absolutely gorgeous! Here is what I did get from the ceremony.

This was my first time attending a Jewish wedding ceremony and everything was lovely. I loved experiencing the different traditions and just thought all in all, a beautiful ceremony.

After this, the evening, was a blur of hanging out with friends, eating delicious food, enjoying vodka lemonades, bohemian punch and as always with me, lots of desserts.

I was a little in love with the décor on the tables and wanted to take it home with me.

Later on, you guessed it, back to the Hunter Inn bar. My bar stay was brief, what can I say, I’m a little lame late at night? But first, thought you would enjoy the shot of Ben pretending to sit in the corner and not talk to anyone. Why? I don’t know.

Finally, a picture, before I headed off to bed and Ben ventured down to the video arcade, not looking our best at this point in the night.

What a fun weekend!

What did you do this weekend? Tell me about your fun plans!


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