Farm Share Fun

After we returned home from New York, I went through what was leftover in the fridge in preparation for a trip to the grocery store. Sadly I had let a few of our farm share veggies go to waste, but there were still plenty for our dinner tonight.

First step, roasting the Chiogga beets. I roasted them wrapped in tin foil, for 45 minutes at 450 degrees. I love this particular kind of beet as they have white stripes! What do you normally do to prepare beets, roast or boil?

Next, I cooked some quinoa and sautéed garlic, shallots, summer squash and callaloo in olive oil.

This was my first experience with callaloo, it is unique in the fact it does not wilt down to nothing like spinach or other greens when sautéed.

All was mixed together and topped with herb goat cheese. Ben wanted some protein so he grilled some chicken on the side for his portion.

Love all the colors in this one and happy to say this was made with 100% veggies from the farm share. Nothing else to go to waste this week.

Ben was quite proud of his unique use of the keyboard tray during his fantasy football draft.

My latest beverage of choice is a mixture of Tazo Passion Fruit tea that I brewed and chilled in the fridge with seltzer made from my Sodastream. Very refreshing.

For my sweet treat this week, I made these from Oh She Glows. SO good and a perfect match for my healthy eating plans. My one adjustment was to use regular chocolate chips since that is what I had available.

Have a great night!


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