Que Sera, Sera

This song was running through my head all day yesterday. I had received some disappointing news that I won’t get in to here, but my positive attitude goal was put to the test. I have to say, although my usual response is to be “pessimistic” (I like to call it actually being realistic 🙂 ), I think it was helpful for me to pause and think about this goal. I’ve never been much of a glass half full kind of girl, but it was a nice relief not to actually dwell on something minor. Maybe there’s actually something to this? We’ll see.

Besides, how could I have a bad day when the night before and last night I got to spend fun time with friends! Tuesday night I met up with my old roomie, Heidi to grab a quick dinner at Crema Cafe and watch The Help. We had both read the book and loved it and the movie was just as good (okay, almost as good, the book was pretty awesome and tough competition). Since we were in Harvard Square, you know I would never miss a chance to grab something sweet. You guessed it, Pinkberry. So I do miss the Salted Caramel, but let me tell you, the new Peanut Butter flavor blows it away. And topped with my usual dark chocolate crisps of course!

Last night, Ben and I were super excited to see my friend Kristina and her boyfriend, Alastair on a visit home from Africa. Kristina had moved to Sierra Leone in June as Alastair’s work is there so it was awesome to spend some time together catching up. Also awesome, Kristina happened to know the head chef where we had dinner so we had some special treats throughout the meal.

We chose Foundry in Davis Square for dinner. Ben and I had been there a few times before and it has always been excellent and a welcome addition to Somerville. We started out with two amazing appetizers that we will now have to get every time we go here. Fried Calamari with fried lemon and basil aioli (which also had some type of yummy peach preserves involved) and also bacon wrapped dates with feta, so delicious. I’m not going to forget about that last one for a long time.

As my beverage of choice I had an “egg cream” type drink of which I have totally forgotten the liquors involved, but it was yummy and I love the glass!

Everyone else had boring beer (okay, not really boring, but I thought my drink was the most fun)!

Ben and Alastair, I think I see the hint of a smile there!

Although there are several dishes to choose from, I can never seem to get past ordering the Croque Monsieur here, because I just love it. I forgot to take a picture until a few bites in…Ben will be enjoying the other half for lunch today.

I’m sure you know what’s coming next…


A lovely creme brulee and almond strawberry shortcake. Needless to say, we were stuffed! Might have overdone it, but I am not sorry!




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