Birthday Bash

Ben’s birthday was on Saturday and his friend Ian’s birthday was the week before. Many friends got together to celebrate on Friday night at Scholars (to be clear, Ben and Ian did not want to call this a birthday celebration). We enjoyed dinner and then headed out for a night of dancing at Hennessy’s with our favorite 80’s band, Fast Times! Sadly, I was a picture-taking slacker and really only got this one of Brad and Maggie, here they are!

Glad I got at least one!

Saturday morning Ben had a softball game and I headed to the Northshore to help my friends Amanda and Joe move things into their new home in Beverly. Unfortunate timing for them with Hurricane Irene, but we were able to get a bunch of things done and I also spent some quality time with their kids, Leah, Isaac and little baby Eli. My favorite moment was when I was sitting across from Eli when he woke up from his nap and looked at me and smiled. I think a smile from a newborn baby is extra special since they are just learning to do so. 🙂 Unfortunately I managed to forget to take pictures once again, but also figured that Amanda and Joe might want me to wait until they are actually fully moved in which will be soon!

Later on, Ben and I went out for a rainy dinner in Cambridge at West Side Lounge. Cherry Blossom Cooler and a Whiskey Smash to start for drinks. Bet you can’t guess which one was mine?

I know it sounds silly, but I love a big plate of greens just with a light coating of dressing. So simple, but so good, with their champagne vinaigrette.

Next round of beverages, Harpoon IPA for Ben and Sangria for me. West Side Lounge has my favorite red wine sangria. It is just the right amount of sweetness, with small dices of apple and pear.

Yes, you are right, this is my it’s pouring out and I didn’t do my hair look.

Steak Frites and Fish Tacos for our dinners. I love fish tacos!

As Leah says, delicioso!

Amanda said I should probably just open up my own fro yo place and I think she’s right. Since it was right there we had to stop at Berryline. Blueberry basil with mochi topping, the perfect combo!

If you are in the path, what are your plans for Hurricane Irene today?


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