Reporting Back

Remember last week? I had a few goals. Time for me to report back.

Complete this week’s training plan. 

  • Mon – Rest Check
  • Tues – Strength & Run 4m Check
  • Wed – Run with Back on my Feet Check
  • Thurs – 8×400 Speed Workout Partial Check (more like 6×400, ran out of time)
  • Fri – Run with Back on my Feet & Strength Check on the run (strength was substituted by helping friends move on Saturday 🙂
  • Sat – Run 4m Close 2.5m
  • Sun – Run 9m As suspected Irene did not comply so I did this one today!

Meet my points expectations as closely as possible. – I did a fairly good job at this, I kind of dropped off with Saturday night’s meal and Sunday’s Mexican Sweet Rolls, but all in all, particularly with all the meals out, I say success!

Take my vitamins. – Done!

Enjoy time hanging out with friends this week. – Done, obviously!

Maintain a positive attitude. – I would probably say I’m most proud of this one. I even checked with Ben and he agreed, success. Obviously not everything little thing that came out of my mouth was “positive”, but I didn’t let things get me down. I think this comes more naturally for some people, but it really doesn’t for me, so I’m happy.

I feel pretty good last week and I hope to continue this week too.

Here is my training plan for this week. I’m glad to have today’s run behind me, everything else will seem so easy, well, except until Sunday!

  • Mon – Run 9m (Thx Irene)
  • Tues – Strength
  • Wed – Run with Back on my Feet
  • Thurs – 8×400 Speed Workout
  • Fri – Run with Back on my Feet & Strength
  • Sat – Run 5m
  • Sun – Run 10m
Since I had to run 9m after work, I was very focused on eating a good amount throughout the day but not too close to running time. I felt pretty good going into this run, not hungry and no stomach cramps from eating too late. Here are my eats today before the run:
It takes me awhile after a run to want to eat. In fact, I think this is the only time that I am NOT hungry. After an hour or so, I had some tuna and mayo with celery stalks. To finish, I rememered I had a packet of protein powder I had purchased from Whole Foods. This was my first experience with protein powder.
I blended this with a cup of vanilla soy milk, a frozen banana, a handful of blueberries and couple of ice cubes. It was good, but not awesome. I could still taste a little bit of the chalkiness of the protein powder, but I’m assuming that’s pretty normal? I’m just not sure protein powder is my thing.
Question, for tomorrow night’s dinner. I bought some haddock and I have endless options of carbs (grains, rices, pastas etc.). I also have some zucchini, eggplant and corn on the cob that I want to use up. I know I’ve said before, we don’t care for eggplant, but once again it was in the farm share and I don’t want it to go to waste.
What would you suggest we do with these options?


8 thoughts on “Reporting Back

  1. Looks like you’re on top of your game this week.

    Maybe hide the eggplant in a zesty tomato sauce mix (with hamburg, of course), tossed over one of your endless pasta choices.

    Okay, you NEED yogurt in your smoothies!! No wonder it tasted like cod. Any yogurt works – greek, regular – whatever. About 1/3 should be yogurt. You NEED more fruit bulk, too (you can buy all sorts of frozen fruit at the store – they make some yummy mixes these days, and it’s nice b/c the fruit doesn’t go bad and the smoothie is nice and cold. There are mixes with mangos, raspberries, strawberries, peaches, pineapple, blueberries, blackberries). Lime or lemon juice also adds some spunk. And lastly, you NEED some fruit juice to add flavor – none of this ice cube crap.
    Recap of what you NEED (think of things in thirds):
    1/3 yogurt
    1/3 juice/liquids
    1/3 fruit + protein

    Annnddd….I don’t think that math is correct. Oh wells, 3rd grade math failed me {Joey shakes head}.

    I NEED to go back and study the hippocampus. Goodbye Jessicamin. Happy belated bday, Benjamin.

  2. So I totally saw a recipe for Haddock the other night and thought of you but I now naturally have no recollection of where I saw it or what was involved. If I think of it I’ll send it your way!! 🙂

  3. great job jess! you are killing it!

    I agree with Anna. your protein drinks just need some pizazz. fruit juice is key. even tropicana if you have to.

    typically i dont find the protein to be chalky. not sure what you bought from whole foods but it looked like space food.

    ask jared but muscle milk or EAS (personally I think EAS has more bene–and you can go with the no carb option if you are fruiting it up) taste good with just water. you can buy them at any walmart usa or bulk at one of them bulk places. if they dont have those stores in boston ask Brad to go to his Chinese grocer with the chicken hanging from the windows. he can get them there.

  4. Thank you Anna and Bosch, I now feel fully smoothie/protein prepared and educated 🙂 And Anna your math was perfect! Bosch, I’m going to pass on the place with the chicken hanging from the window, thank you.

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