Passed on the Eggplant

I know, I was supposed to use up the eggplant for dinner last night and asked for ideas, but we decided to pass on the eggplant after all. Anyone want an eggplant?

Last night, Joey came by for dinner and we had Haddock sprinkled with lemon juice and olive oil grilled in tin foil, grilled corn on the cob and Zucchini Oven Chips. I thought for sure Ben and Joey would not be excited about the zucchini, but with this recipe it was the first thing gone from the plate. I personally love veggies, but if you are making zucchini for someone who doesn’t, give this recipe a try!

Now on to more important things, like dessert!

Yesterday I received a notice from the library that one of my requests was ready to pick up. As you know, I have quite the cookbook collection already and recently I have been getting cookbooks out from the library to try them out before actually buying. I had been reading a lot of good things on my blog favorites about the new Peas and Thank You cookbook so I was excited for its arrival to the library. Well, I should have known I could have gone ahead and purchased this one without preview since I immediately made one of the recipes for my midday dessert this week. Yes, in case you forgot, I require something sweet after lunch as well as after dinner.

I decided on making the Double Chocolate/Single Chin Brownies since I had most of the ingredients already and the nutritional info (which I always appreciate in a cookbook) was in line with my points allotment. Since I was being a bit lazy and didn’t feel like running to the store for the unsweetened applesauce I decided to substitute with a cup of mashed bananas instead. I think the advantage of the applesauce is that it doesn’t add any additional flavor to the brownies whereas I was definitely able to taste the banana in my batch, but they were still delicious and a perfect healthy chocolaty snack.

Obviously, I will be adding this one to my cookbook collection.

Since we are on the topic of dessert, let’s also talk about the dessert I had tonight. Banana Soft Serve!

Topped and swirled with a packet of Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut Butter.


Did you have dessert? What was it?









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