Beach and BBQ – Perfect Combo

There’s a reason why I don’t generally stock cereal at our place. I wish I could blame it all on Ben and say he’s just not the biggest breakfast eater (he’s not, some truth here), but the REAL reason is this…

Times three! Not only did I NOT get up and go on my five-mile run, but I ate three bowls of this chocolate/peanut butter puffs cereal and sat on the couch watching Law & Order until Ben woke up. Yep. So proud.

After Ben got up we quickly got our things together and headed to the beach. I committed to myself  that upon our return I would get a quick run in before our bbq plans later that day. I normally can let go and not feel guilty about skipping out on a run, but I already had a rest day on Wednesday and race time is getting closer and closer and it feels a lot more important to be getting most of my runs in (not half of them as I was headed this week).

Love the beach! I knew it might be our last opportunity for the season 😦 but hopefully not.

What IS that? Anyone?

Once we got home, I did follow through with my run, not quite 5, but did 3 miles with a portion as my “commute” to the gym and then some treadmill time, too hot out!

Next on the agenda, a Labor Day barbecue at Brad’s place! Brad dug this out of the basement for all our beers, pretty nice situation.

Lots of grilling items, we did not go hungry!

Shipyard Pumpkin is still my favorite, but this one is a close contender.

Everytime I tried to take a picture of Ian & Mary, Ian had this weirdo glow around him, what is the deal with that?

Sadly, I had to leave the party early, ten miles to run in the morning and required to be done by 8am. Ouch.



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