So Long, Summer

I originally planned on making this a Happy Labor Day post. Then I ran out of time to write an update yesterday because I had a really fun weekend. Then I woke up today to pouring rain with a high of 65. Awesome. Re titled to “So Long, Summer”. Anyway, I know, let’s be positive.

I managed to get up for my 5:30am alarm on Sunday morning and out for my ten-mile run. I can’t say it was as smooth as the nine-miler. I don’t think my body actually woke up until around mile five and I had to do some creative “bribing” with walking breaks to really finish this one. It might have been some of my beverage choices the night before or the fact that it was much hotter/humid than I had expected, but it was a rough one. I am happy to say I finished though and also ran over the Longfellow bridge for the first time as part of my run. I attempted to do this last year from the Cambridge side, but got a bit confused as to how to get to the walkway on the bridge, I know, I’ll say it before you do, I am directionally clueless.

It did feel great to get this one out of the way for the rest of the weekend though. The rest of the morning flew by as Ben and I had to be at our church early for a meeting. I might have had to “hobble” a bit, my legs were not happy with me.

For lunch we stopped at a neighborhood place, Cafe Rustica in Somerville. This was a delicious chef’s salad, just look how pretty it is!

Ben had a Roast Beef and Brie sandwich. We managed to eat this exact order for lunch on Sunday AND Monday.

Sunday afternoon Ben and I traveled up to New Hampshire to visit with his parents and sister and her fiancée. Ben’s parents had also arranged for a wine tasting at their home with all of us and family friends. Their friend Udo came with his wife Kathy and directed the wine tasting for us. Udo has years of experience working in some of the world’s most prestigious hotels, in particular, in the area of wine. He had so much knowledge and so many stories to share with us, I wish I had thought to record the tasting! Sadly, I didn’t even think to take pictures, I was a little wine focused!

Each of us brought a couple of different types of wines so that we had the full list that Udo planned to review with us. All in all, we tried 11 different wines! For the whites we started with a Pinot Grigio, a Riesling and then a Chardonnay and a Gewuerztraminer. During this time we had bread with different cheeses (including a delicious baked brie), then stronger cheeses as we moved into the reds, Pinot Noir, Merlot, Shiraz and Zinfandel. For dinner we enjoyed the last three reds on the list, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chianti and Rioja, along with fresh marinara sauce and tortellini, clams in a white sauce with linguine, and a chocolate cake with strawberries and fresh whipped cream. This was such a treat and something I would love to do again (and again, and again).

Monday was a pretty low-key day spent mostly on relaxing and running my typical Sunday errands. I decided to take a rest day since I was a bit sore and tired from Sunday’s run. As you know, I like to do a lot of cooking and food prep for the week ahead on Sundays (or Monday in this case). First up was to prepare my weekly sweet treat. This week I chose another Peas and Thank You recipe. Blueberry Cheesecake Muffins! I pretty much followed the recipe verbatim using organic vanilla soy milk for the milk portion and cream cheese rather than a non-dairy variety. So easy to make and delectable.

First layer of dough, cream cheese mixture in the middle for a surprise, and then another layer of dough. Yum! The finished product…

While I was making the muffins, I knew dinner would be a little later so I made Ben and I something to tide us over. This was supposed to be more of a smoothie, but turned into more of a super thick milkshake.

Frozen mango, vanilla soy milk, low-fat Greek yogurt, and a frozen banana. Meant to add some Chia seeds, but totally forgot. Oops.

For dinner I made another successful dinner from  Ancient Grains for Modern Meals, which means, this cookbook will be purchased immediately. Fish and Fennel Stew with Ouzo over Couscous. Yes, I had to look up what Ouzo was too. I substituted the small amount of Ouzo it calls for with Sambuca. I loved the light licorice taste in this stew with just the right amount of tomato in the broth.

Definitely a make again!

I don’t know about you, but I keep forgetting it is Tuesday and not Monday today! Overdue to review last week’s training plan, here it is…

  • Mon – Run 9m  Done
  • Tues – Strength Done
  • Wed – Run with Back on my Feet Rest Day
  • Thurs – 8×400 Speed Workout Strength instead
  • Fri – Run with Back on my Feet & Strength 3m with Back on my Feet
  • Sat – Run 5m “Negotiated” to 3m run
  • Sun – Run 10m Done (Barely)
Here is the plan this week, somehow I managed to get two rest days in already, Monday was planned, but not so much today. I blame the rain 🙂
  • Mon – Rest
  • Tues – Rest again
  • Wed – Run 3m & Strength
  • Thurs – 9×400 Speed Workout
  • Fri – Run with Back on my Feet & Strength
  • Sat – Run 5m
  • Sun – Run 11m
Anyone else running races in October? How are your training plans going?





One thought on “So Long, Summer

  1. great job, Jess! You are killing it with your training. Lots of discipline. You have to show me the longfellow bridge…sounds fun

    please remember to throw in a scoop of protien with those tasty milkshakes. A scoop a day keeps the lipids away.

    also what are you planning for your post race meal?

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