Maine Half-Marathon

I’m currently trying to stay awake until an acceptable bedtime (well semi-acceptable) 9pm. I’ve pretty much been ready to go to bed since 7. Today was finally Maine Half-Marathon day!

Yesterday I picked up packets while Ben golfed with friends in Portland and then we all got together for dinner in Old Orchard at Jimmy the Greeks. I stuck with a Greek salad since I had done quite enough carbo loading the night before at Mike’s in Davis Square with some Baked Ziti and Garlic Bread. (on a quick note, after dinner at Mike’s, we went to see the movie 50/50, SO good, I highly recommend)

It was a very early start this morning. I was hopeful the temps would be closer to 60 degrees and just a sprinkling rain, but the morning proved to be quite different.

This race was pretty much a downpour the entire way with the exception of miles 10 and 11 for me. Andrea and I were a bit nervous that we were going to freeze given the 49 degrees and rain, but the good news was a couple of miles in we were already warmed up enough. Here we are pre-race, still somewhat dry!

I wish I could have taken more pictures, but figured having the phone or camera with me in the downpour would not be the best plan. And if you know me, you know I don’t have the best history with NOT dropping or breaking phones.

This race actually went better than I expected it to be. Admittedly (as if you couldn’t tell from my posts), I was kind of dreading it due to my lackadaisical approach to my training plan this year. Now, I didn’t beat last year’s time, but I never expected to since I was not feeling prepared and I think my shoes weighed about five pounds each from the amount of water-soaked up in them! I was pretty happy with my time with the circumstances (and honestly, happy just to finish!)

What also made it great, was our awesome group of cheering friends! Wish I had taken a picture of all (thank you Bosch, Josh, Anna, Joey, Nick and Ben!). It was pretty impressive that they were able to see us at the finish and in the middle given the road closures AND most importantly, the constant pouring rain not to forget the early rise. It is super fun to see people you know cheering you on! And Anna joined me for the last mile as I knew that would be the toughest one for me.

Post race photo, looking just amazing I’m sure! Pretty sure my clothes weighed about 10 lbs at that point.

Yes, you are right, that is a special Belle from Beauty and the Beast balloon with flowers.

Up close…

As you know, up next I’m registered for the Bay State Half-Marathon. Still a little bit on the fence running another one so soon, but feeling a little more positive after the race today.

Well, I was hoping to give you more of a play by play in this post, but tiredness is taking over. How about some bullet points

  • Mile 1 – Wow, it’s really raining, huh?
  • Miles 2- 4 Running with Andrea
  • Mile 5 – Bye Andrea, I have to slow down, also I might just walk a few steps going up this hill
  • Miles 6 & 7 –  Friends, Friends, Friends!!!!
  • Mile 8 – Refueling with some of my fruit punch Gatorade and walking to let it settle
  • Mile 9 – Less than an hour to go, less than an hour to go (oddly was comforting to me to say this)
  • Mile 10 – Retie right shoe for the umpteenth time, I swear my right foot is smaller than my left and the right shoe always feels too loose! Okay, just an episode of Modern Family to go!
  • Mile 11- Why are most of the people around me walking? Maybe I should walk again, too? Don’t do it, you will not start again! Playing Beware of the Boys as loud as possible on repeat while punching my hand in the air. I probably looked pretty cool.
  • Mile 12 – Anna don’t let me walk!
  • Mile 13 – Woohoo! I’m there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Countdown is on until 9pm! Goodnight!

8 thoughts on “Maine Half-Marathon

  1. you did so awesome! so inspiring and fun to be apart of you big day! i hope I can make the next one. you should def do the bay state. you killed it today and Maine is better than anything Mass can produce so it should be a walk in the cake (or park for those not a fan of Mutumbo)

    what is your history with dropping sun glasses? way too soon. and ben those flowers did come back! the people josh is hiring at hanaford know what is up.

    seriously, jess so awesome to follow your progress on the blog and then see you execute it in real life. #thepatriotway you were amazing! congratulations!

  2. Cant wait to do it again with you Jess!!! (or next time we could just skip the marathon and go out to brunch again 🙂 That was the best part. I wish you lived closer so we could see each other more and hang out. Love ya!

    • Yes, definitely, we should, maybe Beach to Beacon next time? Or a marathon?? Had so much fun hanging out, miss you!

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