Time for Apple Pie

Sometimes I realize I’ve gone a little too long without some time on my own. I’ll start getting exhausted and a little bit edgy and then I remember, oh right, I’m primarily an introvert and every once in a while some time on my own is re-energizing. Therefore my rationale for staying in and not hanging out with friends tonight (besides the fact that my allergies are driving me nuts right now). Anyone else out there with crazy allergies this week? I don’t have them regularly so it’s the strangest thing to me when they just appear out of nowhere, but I will take that any day over having them on a consistent basis. If that describes you, I am sorry, you must spend a fortune on tissues!

Before I get to the apple pie, I MUST mention our visit to Dave’s Fresh Pasta last night. We attended the Panini Night Wine Tasting. If you are local to the Boston area you really need to check this place out and visit a wine tasting or cooking class sometime. I wish I could have juggled the wine glass holding, list reviewing, eating, picture-taking combo, but it really was not possible for someone like me that breaks wine glasses all too often so you will just have to trust my words on these.

To start out we had a glass of NV Domaine Jean Vullien, a lovely sparkling wine, my favorite! Paired with a panini with (memory failing a bit here) parsley walnut pesto? I know it’s a fresh pesto regularly made by Dave’s and DELICIOUS! Second wine, 2010 Sperino Rose paired with one of their most commonly ordered sandwiches, the bodega (sp?), awesomeness! I’ll pause here to note that I purchased both of these wines. Next two wines were served with a steak and bleu cheese panini. I normally don’t like any of the stronger tasting cheeses like Gorgonzola or Bleu, but this sandwich had just the right amount that it was perfect even for a moldy cheese hater like me. Just when I thought nothing could beat the first three paninis, the final one blew all of us away. A chocolate panini melted with the thinnest layer of brie, perfection. This was paired with a sherry which Ben and I were pleasantly surprised to enjoy. I think I might dream of that chocolate panini for a long, long time. PS, this is an awesome place to buy your wine, totally unique and amazing offerings. Highly recommend!

Now, on to that apple pie. I decided to not be lazy and buy the crust pre-made as I will do from time to time. I searched for a new pie crust recipe though since the one I had used in the past wasn’t working for me anymore. Thank you Smitten Kitchen, this recipe was super easy as promised and I am in total agreement on the shortening thing, butter just seems so much better. This was much easier to roll out.

Why yes, that is bits of butter flecked in my dough and that is just fine!

I’ve always been a little old school with my Apple Pie recipe and use the Betty Crocker cookbook I acquired many years ago. Pages are starting to yellow a little bit. My favorite is to use the “Dutch” variation and add a little whipping cream to the pie during the last five minutes of baking. This time though, I was lazy, no whipping cream on hand.

More butter = more better

Oven time! Don’t forget to add some tin foil around the crust edges to keep from burning, I almost did!

Looks good, doesn’t it? Time to dig in!

Difficult to limit to one slice, but don’t want to be overfull for my long run tomorrow morning. It’s surprisingly difficult to map out a run long enough to the commons without looping back home. I’m hoping to check out Ben’s softball game tomorrow and run there, looks like I’ll have to be creative with my running path. Aiming for nine miles to keep my mileage up for next weekend. Wish me luck and if you are in Boston enjoy the bizarre hot weather we are having this weekend!


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