How Did I Do?

Not 100%, but I am happy with it. After my  late training plan post, I’m trying to share in a more timely fashion this week. Okay, the recap:

And here’s what I’m thinking for this week, I want to include some more “double duty” days, but this is my first week at a new job so I want to focus more on getting into a new routine and then increasing my overall workout time. Someone remind me I said this next week, mmmmkay?

  • Mon – Rest
  • Tues – Strength Training
  • Wed – Run with Back On My Feet
  • Thurs – Strength Training
  • Fri – Run with Back On My Feet & Strength Training
  • Sat – Possibly a brief jog, but Top Priority is my sister-in-law’s wedding day!!!!!!!
  • Sun – Run 5 miles

For those of you that were interested in the recipe from last night for Little Quinoa Patties, I found it posted here on Epicurious. I can also attest to the option of saving the mixture and making the patties the next day. I had the leftovers for my dinner tonight along with a side of kale chips with ketchup and enjoyed them as much as last night. Also I LOVE KALE! Have a great night!



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