Happy New Year

Happy New Year! It’s been crazy around here with the holidays and moving. Still working on unpacking, but we are getting there.

I’m lucky enough to spend every New Years with my sister, Jean and lots of fun friends! Hope you had really fun plans too!


Now you’ve probably already read about 16 million New Years recaps and resolutions if you are an avid blog reader. And normally, I am in this boat…

Pretty much have never made new years resolutions, but now that I have a blog, I do recognize the value in putting your goals out there in writing. It’s a little more difficult to ignore.  So here goes:

Run a marathon

My first and most likely only one.

Run 1,000 miles

Pretty achievable if I do train and run a marathon. You can check my progress (or lack thereof currently) here.

Create and follow a new budget

Ben and I were finally making strides with this and then a new payroll schedule and new apartment (ie higher rent) have made some changes, but it’s time to get back on a budget.

Create one new recipe

I know, easy for some, but not for me, I’m great at following a recipe, not so much creating one.

Start volunteering with a new organization

I loved my time with Back on my Feet over the past 6 months, but due to our new apartment location it is no longer all that feasible for me to participate.

Take a really fun trip with Ben

Easy said AND easy done.

Make some dents in this healthy living and eating thing. 

This is a lifestyle change for me, it would be totally unrealistic for me to think I could obtain perfection or to pick a number I want to see on the scale, I don’t want to be obsessed with numbers. BUT I do want to feel better than I do right now. I know it can be done and I WILL make progress.

Anyone want to share their goals for the year?


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