It’s a Gold Star Day

Remember my Gold Star challenge?

It was a little depressing during the month of December, but I’m back on it this month. If you know me, you are aware that I might just have this a slight enjoyment of buying new clothes, accessories and home decor. Okay, full disclosure, I might actually own every single candle from Anthropologie, but that’s only the beginning.

So, if you recall, I receive a gold star for every week that I do at least five workouts accompanied with either weight loss or following my allotted points exactly. After I earn the first four stars I finally get to open (and wear) a dress that I purchased a couple of months ago (I know, I know, yes, I did buy it, but I couldn’t let it disappear, now could I?).

So I am super excited to tell you I am halfway there! I earned my second gold star of 2012 this week. I think this plan does work to incent me, because the ONLY reason I actually ran in eight degrees yesterday AND did a second workout was to complete the week for a gold star.

Would this work for anyone else out there who has a healthy living goal? I would be happy to share my chart. 🙂



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