Bacon & Brie Anyone?

Have you considered this combination before? I was thinking about it all day before coming home, why had I not thought to mix these! Yet another awesome recipe from Eat, Live Run. If you haven’t visited the site before, I highly recommend it. I have never made a recipe I didn’t thoroughly enjoy.

Not only Brie and bacon, but my favorite leafy vegetable, kale!

Garlic sautéing in the oil from cooking crispy bacon, one of the best scents in the world! Full recipe here.

Much to Ben’s dismay, I might have thrown in some whole wheat spaghetti instead of white. I think I have eaten whole wheat pasta for so long that I actually prefer the taste to white pasta. Anyone else agree?

Apparently those two days in a row of working out really exhausted me, since I seem to have already taken my rest day today. So much for saving that for the weekend!

On that note, I need your motivation! Join me on Daily Mile! I love seeing everyone’s workouts, it’s not just for running either, you can record any workout here.



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