A Bowl of Mush & Brains

What does this look like to you?

Just wondering, do you want to keep reading this post after that picture? Scary!

Ben was with me when I bought this celeriac root and wondered why I would buy something that looks like brain. Well, it didn’t get much better.

Don’t you worry, am not the one that called my very own creation a bowl of mush. That would be Ben. In case you have found this to be the most appealing dinner ever, all you need to do is heat a bit of olive oil, saute some spring onions (or leeks), chop up some  russet potatoes, and celeriac root. Add a box of vegetable broth and boil away until the veggies are tender. Once complete, use an immersion blender and voila! Bowl of Mush!

Served on the side, sautéed brussel sprouts and crisped pancetta.

Now, who would like to come over for dinner?


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