Could I Be More Lazy?

Seriously, I would be beyond mortified to admit just how many hours I spent on my couch today. But it was so, so nice. Productivity was low, that’s for sure, but I did accomplish a heaping mound of laundry and a (minor) workout.

Then I realized, what will I eat for dinner? I’ve been trying to order out less, since A. I make poor healthy eating decisions and B. our food/beverage budget is almost always overspent. Thankfully, during my couch time I spent some time with Google Reader and caught up on Joy the Baker.

And mission accomplished. I was able to essentially stay on the couch. BAKED lemon risotto and did I have most key ingredients? Yes! (or so I thought).

I did have to make a few adjustments as I realized I had no fresh thyme (major bummer, I love fresh thyme), so I went with 1 teaspoon of dried and then a few minutes later found that I only had one cup of arborio rice so the recipe has been halved. Kind of. I realized a little too late I was missing a bit of rice, but fingers crossed, it is baking away right now.

Two things, I don’t have an ability to take a photograph currently, camera has been borrowed and the phone camera is not exactly working. I’m just not feeling the Sprint store visit, you know what I mean? It’s either going to take a really long time or be really expensive, neither of which I’m excited about.

So anyway, no pictures for you right now, BUT obviously you can find many pictures of the dish here, which are much more fabulous than mine would have been!

I’m not sure I’ll have time to write tomorrow so I thought I would share my super motivating workout recap here. Well, so I’m still going to earn that gold star I hope, but as far as pushing myself, or reaching miles planned or really doing a workout longer than 20 minutes, FAIL.

But this blog is about motivating me so let’s look past this week to the one ahead. Here’s the training plan…

  • Mon – Run 3.5m
  • Tues – 6×400 @ 5k pace
  • Wed – Run 3m & strength
  • Thurs – Rest
  • Fri – Run 3m
  • Sat – Run 7m
  • Sun – Strength

How did you do this week? Go ahead, share! And if you didn’t workout, tell me about your couch time, I bet anything I have you beat!


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