It’s a Beautiful, Sunny Day

And I am sitting on the couch. Unapologetically. Yes, and last week you might remember I sat on my couch too. But I am taking another lazy afternoon, on the couch. Sorry, I’m not sorry 🙂

So I didn’t sit on my couch all week, don’t worry. I did go out to eat A LOT. Part of that was due to fun plans for my birthday and partly unexpected due to a weird power outage in the Back Bay. Since I neglected to cook very much (or perhaps my now empty fridge is to blame) maybe you would like to know where I dined this week.


Tuesday night I grabbed sushi with a friend at Douzo in the Back Bay. We split some edamame and a few rolls, Boston roll, Spider roll, Volcano roll and Spicy Tuna. All delicious and I have to say, one of the best Spicy Tuna rolls I have ever had. This happened to be the evening of the power outage, thankfully we had just finished eating once the power went out.

Russell House Tavern

Our go to, favorite restaurant. Everything we’ve had here is excellent. I was pretty boring and went for a Cheeseburger and French Fries, but I was feeling some comfort food. Amazing as usual.

The Beehive

It’s been forever since we’ve been here, such a fun place to go. I enjoyed a Pink Flamingo, split an order of the Steamed Mussels with Lager, Tomato & Old Bay and then had one of the specials for the main event. The meal was as tasty as I remember from my last visit, service left something to be desired, but was a fun night overall.

Elephant Walk

If you haven’t tried this place before you really should. Don’t be scared off by the unusual cuisine (French-Cambodian). It is a winner. Another plus, if you are looking for a number of vegan and/or a number of gluten-free dishes there is a sizable menu for both (and also for the carnivorous gluten-eating individuals).

So clearly this needs to be food detox week. Goodness. Blegh.

Unfortunately, where the food choices are poor, the activity level is poor as well. I am proud of completing my long run though. I was able to run with friends and although I love my alone time while running too, I forgot how fun it is to run with friends and how quickly the miles go by. Although not as sunny or warm as today, it was a great temperature for a run yesterday. Here’s my full recap:

  • Mon – Run 3.5m Rest Day #1
  • Tues – 6×400 @ 5k pace Done and done
  • Wed – Run 3m & strength Ran the 3m, skipped out on the strength
  • Thurs – Rest Rest Day #2
  • Fri – Run 3m Rest Day #3
  • Sat – Run 7m Check!
  • Sun – Strength And that would be Rest Day #4
And for this week…I’m supposed to be alternating speedwork and tempo runs every other Tuesday, but I know my upcoming 5k is for sure hilly and I’m thinking one of the half-marathons might be too so I’ve decided to replace the tempo runs with some hill work. First, I should probably find myself a lengthy hill, but I’m thinking some hills on the treadmill would also suffice, what do you think?
  • Mon – Run 4m
  • Tues – HILLS
  • Wed – Run 3m & strength
  • Thurs – Rest
  • Fri – Run 3m pace
  • Sat – Run 8m
  • Sun – Strength
Don’t worry, I’ll be back cooking this week. The goal will be to eat at home as much as possible!

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