I Tried to Poach an Egg

And it was a major fail.

This month’s Bon Appetit had a whole egg section, with one portion devoted to the detailed instructions of poaching an egg. Description was to have each egg sit in vinegar for a bit and once the pot of water comes to a boil, whisk the water until a “vortex” is created and drop one egg in along with the vinegar. Sounds easy right? I was actually a little more concerned with finding a way to continue the whisking after the egg had dropped in than this part.

Do you know what happens when you haphazardly drop the egg into the swirling vortex? You end up with shredded egg white and a random yolk swirling around. It’s not pretty or appetizing.

Am I the only one that is unable to poach an egg? I guess I only really tried once, and Ben and I were a bit too hungry for lots of experimenting time. So next plan, soft-boiled eggs instead!

And not quite…

Well, it was a good try anyway and still tasty. Grilled asparagus with crisped pancetta and hard-boiled egg to top.

Unfortunately, I have managed to get sick. So annoying. I am thoroughly annoyed. And sick.

Sick enough that my workout plans have been dismissed. I think I’ll give it a try tomorrow and see how I feel though. I’m a little worried going so long without a run and just remembered Ben and I have a 5k coming up very soon. Yikes!

Anyway, I better wrap this post up soon since it’s a necessary early bedtime for me. Dinner concept and recipe for tonight was provided by my good friend, Jaime and it was delicious!

Seafood stew, leeks and onion sautéed in olive oil, white wine, chicken broth, tomatoes, scallops and cod. Yum! Hopefully this cures my ills. Goodnight!



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