Uh Oh

It’s been confirmed.

There is a Mouse in my House.

Not cool.

Been sick on the couch all day, about to take a nap and then a little mouse friend ran through the kitchen. I tried opening the door, stamping my feet and banging the swiffer around, but the mouse did not come out or run outside. Next step, traps. Yuck.

Well, I have pretty much nothing to share. Big fat zero, zip on the workout front. Too sick, too tired. I’m hoping to try a brief run tomorrow after work. Wish me luck. Here’s the plan for now (yet to be revised for sick me).

  • Mon – Run 4.5m
  • Tues – 8×400
  • Wed – Run 4m & Strength
  • Thurs – Rest
  • Fri – Run 4m pace
  • Sat – Todd’s Trot 5k
  • Sun – Run 9m




2 thoughts on “Uh Oh

  1. I would have loved to have seen the scene that took place when you saw the mouse! Eww…you went with the good old traps, huh? Are you aware they make traps that eliminate the need for you to see the mouse? Of course if it were me and Joe I’d be telling him to get a “have-a-heart” trap and him putting his foot down on that one! Good luck! And feel better too!! Some of that Asian soup could do wonders!

    • The “have-a-heart” trap did cross my mind, because mice are kind of cute (kind of). Don’t you worry Amanda, the mouse actually has yet to be caught. I also haven’t seen it, hopefully it went upstairs which I bet is where it came from!

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