I Guess I Learned Something


So my workout plan has not been all that successful this week, mostly due to my laziness, but a little bit of lingering lung issues. Like is it normal for your lungs to feel like they are on fire when you workout? Just wondering?

Anyway, I accomplished a 2 mile run on Tuesday (not going to dwell on the fact that I have to add 7 to that for tomorrow’s run). That was about it  with the exception of Wednesday night.

Not sure if I mentioned this earlier, probably not, since I’ve been delinquent in blogging, but my work has offered a healthy challenge which include some local gym benefits. A week or so ago I had the lovely “weigh in” experience. Actually, this was much less about weight and more about body fat percentage and also included interesting facts like the weight of your bones, water in your body and muscles. Although I could have done without knowing my body fat percentage (not cool), it was really interesting to understand how much the muscle in your body really weighs. One thing that was noted was a slight difference in my right and left, which I’m thinking is fairly normal, but it’s pretty clear to me when I try a one-legged squat on my left side it can’t be done and on my right I can at least finish a few.

On top of this consultation there is one also one free training session. I was a tad nervous as I hadn’t worked out in a couple of weeks due to sickness and let’s be honest, my strength training has been pretty non-existent lately. I have the hardest time getting more than a 20 minute strength workout in when I’m training for a race, but really I have the time, I just have to actually get up when my alarm goes off and not snooze it a million and one times, anyway…

Have you ever been on one of those treadmills that you essentially power yourself? Okay, seriously, I knew it would be hard, but I just couldn’t get it for the life of me. The trainer had me switching back and forth between this treadmill or whatever the formal name is and then using resistance bands for squats, shoulder presses, side squats etc. etc. So I could get the treadmill to work while I was holding on when my trainer had me doing a “jog”, but then he made me let go and “sprint”. Um yeah, my “sprint” was a whopping 4.5 mph, I just could not get the hang of it and it was really hard!

Afterwards we discussed my workout plans (of course recommending personal training packages, which I would LOVE, but no can do financially). One thing that the trainer noted was to be proud of my running accomplishments, but that most likely I was not going to lose more weight from running. I know this might sound strange, but for myself, I honestly do agree. When I first started running a few years ago I went from being a complete couch potato to a runner at least 5 days a week. And…………………

I didn’t lose A POUND. It was not until I started making adjustments to my eating habits that I saw any weight loss. And then later on I lost even more when I seriously added strength training into my routine, and it was only two days a week (in addition to the cardio or running). I don’t know that it is the same for anyone else, but for me that is what works. And by doing that workout on Wednesday I was reminded of just how weak I had let myself get, by not keeping a regular strength training routine or really doing anything new. And right now I do have a busy job, but I don’t have kids and life only ever gets busier so I really need to be working on this stuff now so that it is so ingrained in my lifestyle that it is natural to include even when life does get busier. Make sense?

Of course, easier said than done. As you can probably guess, strength training, WAY easier to add that than me adjusting my food intake. As usual. Baby steps, right ?

Okay, so I’m going to go ahead and post this week’s schedule and include a couple of new fitness classes to spice up my routine and challenge myself. I’m also going to go ahead and read these for the very near Boston marathon. So incredibly motivating. So exciting, anyone else going to watch on Monday??

  • Sat – Run 3m
  • Sun – Run 9m
  • Mon – Rest
  • Tues – 9×400 @5k pace
  • Wed – Run 3m & Tabata
  • Thurs – Life in Synergy class
  • Fri – Run 5m
  • Sat – Run 10m
  • Sun – Rest or Strength Train

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