Wouldn’t Blame You

If you stopped checking out my blog. I have become very inconsistent, if not, non-existent. I wish I had better excuses, but life has just been BUSY and work has still been enjoyable, but definitely long and tiring at times. That said, I really need to try to be a better blogger, because I really DO enjoy this part of my life. Even if no one reads my blog, I still love it. (although so much better when people do and make comments : )

Anyway, Ben and I just returned from a lovely vacation down in South Florida to visit my aunt, uncle and sister. (yes, I know I could have blogged on vacation, but I just wasn’t into using the computer, can you blame me?). We hadn’t been down there in a couple of years so it was so nice to spend time with family and catch up while also obviously enjoying the sun!

As usual, I’m not the best at taking pictures. The first set is some very nice family ones that my sister, Jean took, thank you Jean! (PS once again did not get a picture of the two of us!)

Happy Birthday Uncle Gary!

Me & Aunt Annie

Onto some wildlife, well, and other things.

I just thought this little owl was adorable. Visit at the nature center.

Further proof of my klutziness – bet you didn’t think it was possible to injure yourself on a stationary escalator.

Well, you would be wrong! On the next set, my aunt and uncle live in a neighborhood that uniquely has its own set of peacocks. It’s pretty cool!

Hello there

Uh oh, watch out Jean!

Mating time?

And to end, a pretty cool butterfly, don’t you think?

Sadly I am entering a state of depression knowing that my vacation time is over. I guess I should post some workouts and get motivated. Twin Lights Half Marathon this Saturday! Anyone else running that one? I’m a little on the nervous side, didn’t exactly do my best training. I would love to PR, but I would also be just as happy with finishing. Please send some PR positivity my way!

The remainder of the week…

And this week’s motivation…



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