Monday Eats

I’m fairly good at confessing my workout blunders, but not always my food choices. Let’s try something different this week, how about sharing a week of eats? Monday…

Breakfast – Banana & whole wheat bread with a tablespoon of sunflower butter and a teaspoon of honey, iced coffee with sugar (1 tsp) and soy milk (1/2 cup)  (random note, all this time I’ve been saying that during the week when I make my meals, I eat vegan until dinner time, update, honey is not vegan, oops)

Lunch – Arugula & kale with summer squash, broccoli, bell pepper, 1/2 cup quinoa, olives and balsamic vinegar, raspberries for something sweet

Snacks – Larabar Uber Cherry Cobbler (I know, also not vegan, but so delicious) and a nectarine

Dinner – Glass of Rose, Cold Sesame Noodles and a cup of unsweetened applesauce

WW Points Used – 26 out of 26

Another successful veggie meal with Ben’s vote. This is a simple and delicious meal from Bon Appetit’s July issue. I was a little too lazy to chop the veggies into matchsticks so would have had a more pleasing appearance, but so good. I made a minor adjustment to bring this in line with my desired dinner points by changing over to olive oil and reducing the amount to 1/4 cup. I feel like recipes always go a little oil crazy, don’t you?

You are going to notice just a tad bit of repetitiveness for my meals during the week. I’m pretty routine, my co-workers might even know that I eat my larabar around 3pm and my piece of fruit around 4pm on a daily basis. Yes, seriously, I’m ridiculous.

Running has continued to be FUN this week, but also gotten a little bit painful. Over the weekend I was actually kind of hating any moment I had to stand painful. I have no idea what the deal is, but my guess is it’s once again related to my Achilles since much of the pain has been in my heels. I’m hopeful my new shoes maybe were not the best match for me? I actually went out and got a totally different pair at Marathon Sports, abandoning my commitment to the Asics Gel Nimbulus and trying out a pair of Brooks.

Deep down I know it’s not helpful that my orthotics were created when I was at a lighter weight. I’ve loved running enough to give up high heels and sleeping in, but if I want to continue running for a long, long time I probably need to get some of the excess weight off too. It’s amazing to me how one day, ONE DAY, eating within my points range feels like I won a battle. Like I won a battle and deserve a reward. Seriously, change for a day and win a reward? Really Jess, really? One foot in front of the other, one step at a time.

So, I didn’t quite meet my workout expectations, but I also am not that unhappy about it since the pain I’ve been feeling probably deserves some extra rest.

  • Mon – Strength Surprise ran 4 miles!
  • Tues – Run 3m Rest
  • Wed – Run 5m Rest
  • Thurs – Run 3m Rest
  • Fri – Strength Ran 2.8 miles
  • Sat – Run 9m Done
  • Sun – Rest And done
What’s up for this week?
  • Mon – Strength
  • Tues – Run 3m
  • Wed – Run 5m
  • Thurs – Run 3m & Strength
  • Fri – Rest
  • Sat – Run 6m
  • Sun – Crosstraining
Interesting how I drop down to 6 miles this week? This marathon training is a new world! I’m sure when I have that week where I run 20 miles and then 12 miles the following weekend I will be beyond ecstatic!
Okay if you are in Boston, we are having the craziest thunderstorm right now! Time to go and fall asleep to the rain!


2 thoughts on “Monday Eats

  1. the trainer at our work always professed this. i am a big reward guy as well, usually with food or partying. lots of time i set a goal to a certain date (a holiday/get together/etc) and then go hog when the day arrives. while it obviously doesn’t undo everything, it doesn’t help and can start a slippery slope. its counter intuitive. he thought to reward yourself with an old workout ( and while that sometimes didn’t work for me, you can find something. and logging food helps. i am a big proponent. no shame in one day at time. only way to live. good job, keep it up. YOLO.

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