What’s Been Fun, What’s Not


1. Dinner with Anna & Joey! Fail on pictures of them, but success on capturing the appetizer.

Haven’t made this one is SO long. Oldie but goodie. Creole Baked Goat Cheese from Bahama Breeze.

2. Celebrating my mom’s birthday with the whole family including Jean! Another photo fail. Then quality sister time at the Colonnade Roof Top Pool. And some pina coladas, yum!

3. Booking our tropical vacation! Have a bit of a wait until we go, but still SO excited. Here’s our last tropical vacation, our honeymoon!


4. Two late afternoons spent on the Charles with some beverages.


5. A first time visit (for me) to Castle Island and Sullivans with our CG.


6. Last, but most certainly not least. A weekend of dog sitting with an adorable Boston Terrier, named Boston.



What’s NOT Fun


What’s not fun, running injuries are NOT fun. My heel pain has gotten pretty bad. We are heading towards limping stage. I took the last week off from running with the exception of my long run. Better you would think, right? No, almost seemed worse. Ouch.

Here’s the deal, I really can’t stop and rest right now. It’s either I train and run the marathon, or I don’t run the marathon. Clearly this is not doctor’s advice or good advice just to throw that out there.

So what do you see in this lovely picture? It’s the Strassburg sock, purchased from my favorite Marathon Sports. I’ve tried everything else so why not try this? I haven’t done the overnight wearing yet, but am building up to it. Anyone out there used this before?

I know it’s really cool how I announced my workout log and then I didn’t use it, but I’ll get that updated very soon, if not tonight.

This week:

  • Mon – Rest
  • Tues – Run 4m
  • Wed – Run 7m
  • Thurs – Rest
  • Fri – Rest
  • Sat – Run 14m
  • Sun – Cardio & Strength

Anyone else out there dealt with heel pain or what I think is Plantar Fascitis? I’ve done the whole Achilles tendonitis thing already and I know what that is like, but this pain is all new to me.



2 thoughts on “What’s Been Fun, What’s Not

  1. Love reading your blog. It makes me miss you. Wish you would come to FL one of these days, been WAY too long! Also, I *love* that dip. And in other news, we got a Boston Terrier yesterday! His name is Jameson and we are in love. Miss you!! 🙂 Oh, and Johnny had that pain, I’ll try to remember to ask him what he did about it. I’m sure it will not shock you to know, his was NOT from running. 😉

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