Our Gluttonous Weekend in Vermont: Part Two

We had done a bit of research before our trip to Burlington so we knew the restaurants we did not want to miss (of which there were many). Our first breakfast stop in town was at Penny Cluse. There was a bit of a wait, but that suited us fine given our indulgences the evening before.

In full tourist fashion I selected the namesake dish the Penny Cluse. It was even better than expected. 2 eggs any style (I went for sunny side up), home fries & biscuits with herb cream gravy.

It was definitely time to walk off some of those calories. We checked out the Burlington farmers market. Ben had a hard time holding me off from purchasing everything, but I knew it would be unreasonable to purchase much produce so far from home. I did grab a bunch of tomatillos since I don’t seen those grown locally often. Also picked up some beet pasta and Ben (shocked) actually bought something too.

Gin. Local gin. He said it was delicious and had me try a sip which I then choked down since I’m not exactly in the habit of drinking gin straight. I’ll take your word for it next time Ben.

Next up, a stop to Burton’s Factory, the original. Obviously this had no appeal for me, but Ben was excited to check it out.

We were supposed to take an actual tour of the Magic Hat brewery, but arrived a tad early so decided to tour ourselves and try some samples.

We returned downtown for some reading/relaxing time and eventually, MANY hours after our ridiculously filling breakfast grabbed some lunch at American Flatbread. We split a large flatbread, with half Medicine Wheel (organic tomato sauce & 3 cheeses and fresh herbs) and half Roasted Tomato Salsa.

Once again, stuffed. I felt like I was still catching up on a lack of sleep over the past week so we headed back to the hotel room and I did something I never do, took a nap! As usual, I did not wake up feeling well rested and refreshed as I always hope a nap will do. I don’t understand it, other people love naps, I just don’t get it. What is the allure? Anyone else out there with me on this one?

For dinner we enjoyed an awesome meal at the Farmhouse Tap & Grill.

Oh, I’m sorry, did you think I was done with our food consumption?


On our way home Sunday, we made one final stop at a very highly recommended breakfast spot Sneakers Bistro.

See that? That is the best hollandaise sauce I have had. The best. The end.


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