For the Fish Taco Obsessed

You may have noticed, I like my fish tacos. I order them often and have enjoyed trying different variations to find the ultimate fish taco perfection.

And you will be happy to hear, when it comes to a fish taco recipe, my search is OVER.

Thank you Smitten Kitchen! Hands down, my favorite recipe. And get used to it, I will make these again and again and again.

Now when it comes to fish tacos out, I still haven’t found anything to beat the simple perfection of the fish tacos at Papagayo. You may be surprised to hear that despite my love of fried food, I actually do not like my fish tacos fried. Most times I do order fried fish tacos I am disappointed and wish I had ordered something else.

Three Questions:

Do you love fish tacos as much as I do?

Do you prefer the fish grilled, pan seared or fried?

Where do you enjoy your favorite fish tacos? Boston friends, any places I should check out?


3 thoughts on “For the Fish Taco Obsessed

  1. Yum yum!! I do love fish tacos, as fish is the only meat I eat. And boy, do I love fish! =)

    These look amazing. Doesn’t get much better than huge piles of fresh cilantro.

  2. I heart fish tacos. My requirements: grilled with lime, corn tortilla. Cilantro preferred. The bar near my house does a surprisingly good version using shrimp… but I am happy to explore other venues if you ever need a sidekick!

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