The Best BBQ in Boston?

I think we discovered it last night! Ben and I took a brisk walk over to a place he has been super excited to check out, Sweet Cheeks in Fenway. Please excuse the awful pictures, I was not prepared with my camera.

We started out with Crispin Apple Cider and Stoweaway IPA. I love the mason jars. Even their martinis were served in mini-mason jars!

Now here’s the really fun part, we each picked our own “tray” which comes with your choice of meat, one hot scoop, one cold scoop and automatically comes with white bread, homemade pickles and onions.

Here’s my tray…

Pulled chicken, their “farm salad” (brussel sprouts/nuts/grapes & deliciousness) and broccoli cheese casserole.

And Ben’s tray…

Pork belly, macaroni & cheese and coleslaw.

I had a really, really, really hard time not consuming this entire tray. I LOVED the farm salad, LOVED the broccoli cheese casserole (it was just like broccoli & cheddar soup, but in casserole form) and the chicken was amazing. Ben felt the exact same way about his food and I also might have had a few tastes of his macaroni & cheese which was made with super sharp cheddar, which gave it the bite that typical mac & cheese is always missing (to me).

Best barbecue in Boston? Yep. Check this place out.


That’s it for now, I’m very busy sitting in my lovely fuzzy pink bathrobe and sweatpants, watching My Big Fat Greek Wedding, drinking Pistachio ice-cream coffee and wondering how I am going to get myself off this couch and into the cold, cold, day for a run. Wish me luck!