Once Upon a Time…

There was this girl who said she LOVED to run and really enjoyed healthy living.

And then sometimes that girl has weeks like this…

  • Mon – Strength Training Jillian Michaels No More Trouble Zones
  • Tues – Treadmill workout Of course not
  • Wed – Strength Training Cardio Circuit – 30 min
  • Thurs – Cardio You guessed, it nothing
  • Fri – Rest – I think I like my rest days on Fridays Obviously
  • Sat – Run 6m Ha
  • Sun – Run, run, run May as well end the week the same, right?

Oh, did I say my blog was about running, cooking and healthy living? What I really meant was it’s about lack of self-control and complete self-indulgence and sitting on the couch like a sack feeling sorry for myself since healthy eating is just so hard. Wah wah wah!

I’m so over myself.



the surrender or destruction of something prized or desirable for the sake of something considered as having a higher or more pressing claim.
Unhealthy food and lots of it? I don’t know about something “prized”, but most certainly something desirable. Being at a healthy status, a more pressing claim? Yes, absolutely.
I thought this post was really cool to read about change. I need to remember to anticipate failure and be ready to react and bounce back. The End.
That being said, this is a new week, isn’t it? So far so good.
  • Mon – Run
  • Tues – Strength Training
  • Wed – Run
  • Thurs – Strength Training
  • Fri – Rest
  • Sat – Run
  • Sun – Run, run, run

To enhance my future success, I have gone ahead and scheduled some additional goals. I can be such a procrastinator sometimes and work better “under pressure” so although I have to make progress on my 1,000 mile goal for 2012, it isn’t quite enough to kick my butt right now. (Although, yikes, progress so far, only 35 miles!). And the marathon is far enough away that I’m not feeling the push there either. So…

I went ahead and signed up for two halfs. I’ll be running in the Twin Lights Half Marathon in Gloucester, MA on May 12th and the Cherry Tree Running Festival Half-Marathon in Pawtucket, RI on May 20th.  I’ve really started enjoying the half-marathon so I’m pretty excited  for both of these. I originally was only going to do the latter, but there is something about ending the year with 5 half-marathons total rather than 4 that makes me happy. Weird I know. Also, you know I love the North Shore and the run through Gloucester and also a run with blooming cherry trees will both be beautiful. I have friends joining me for the second race too which also makes it that much more exciting.

On that note, if I want to run these, training starts February 20th. Thinking of going with this plan again, but actually following it this time with a modification to make my long runs on Saturday (and moving up everything else by a day). I didn’t put any additional pressure on myself for the half marathons I ran last October, but this time I would really like to PR in at least one of the half marathons I am running. I don’t care if it’s by only five seconds, as long as I PR.

Check out my racing page here with my updates.