Gluten Free, Not For Me

About a month ago I had a regular physical with my doctor and casually mentioned that I was finding weight loss not so easy. I know I don’t have a ton to lose, but I would like to be in a healthier range for sure. What I didn’t mention was that perhaps my lack of loss was due to my ridiculous sweet tooth (for example, cupcakes were brought in for my birthday, let’s not get into the details though). I’m sure my current status has absolutely nothing to do with Cadbury eggs showing up in stores again either. Just no way.

On that note, seriously, how can you not LOVE Cadbury eggs??? I find that people love them or hate them, but I don’t understand you haters.

They are delicious and nutritious! Okay, maybe I lied about that last part.

Anyway, back on topic. I casually mentioned this to my doctor, who is awesome, by the way. And she suggested giving a gluten-free diet a try for about 6 weeks time and see how things went. She also asked me to provide her with a list of the last three days of food I had consumed. Since this was one of the first weeks that I noticed the Cadbury eggs out and about, guess who did not do her homework?

So I thought, I’m not a big fan of eliminating entire food groups, but I figured why not give it a try. Now, I didn’t exactly go with what I will so technically refer to as “hard-core” gluten-free for one reason. I have a few friends that are actually allergic to gluten and it makes them sick to consume any amount. I know that they have a difficult time as it is going to restaurants and specifying gluten-free when so many people are doing a gluten-free diet for one of the more recent trends in weight loss. Because of that I think that some restaurants might be a little less reactive when someone states a gluten allergy. I don’t want to make that worse, so I tried my best to order gluten-free during this “trial period”, but with minimal disruption to others around me.

So for two and a half weeks I was totally gluten-free, would have probably gone for longer if not due to the weirdo power outages in the Back Bay. All my healthy prepared foods didn’t really make it through. Now, if I’m to be totally honest, did I actually feel good while I was eating gluten-free? No, I did not. I think my digestive system actually did not appreciate it, I also didn’t feel like my eating had  changed all that much. I was reminded again. I really don’t eat a lot of processed foods. I don’t even eat a ton of “gluten heavy” foods. Most of the foods I consume are also organic and not genetically modified as are some of the concerns that people have with wheat (I think this is right, but feel free to comment if I’m incorrect?). My problem is all portion control (okay and sweets, but biggest challenge, portions and self-control).

So my conclusion, gluten free is not for me! I think it would be helpful for someone who needs to start with cutting down on processed foods first as gluten seems to be in everything processed and might make some of your food decisions easier. Unless you have an allergy, I say maybe it’s best not to cut out total sections of food, makes it really hard to maintain and feel successful. Anyway, that is my two cents and simply my opinion. I am by no means qualified to give any medical or nutrition advice 🙂

Now, what is the opposite of gluten-free?

Pasta! Want to make me happy? Just make me pesto sauce. That’s it.

I am loving running in this weather. I almost got a little carried away and signed up for a third half-marathon in the month of May, but thought that might be a little much. Don’t forget to join me on Daily Mile. The more friends the merrier, I find it so motivating!